Granvista is a new apartment complex built in Fortaleza.  My team and I created this campaign to promote its development: print media, website, app, marketing actions, billboards and all aspects of print and digital material. All the materials have been created to emphasize two mains features: the stunning view of Cocó’s Park and the premium location.
For the first impact, we did a 2-in-1 advertisement in Fortaleza’s largest newspaper: the 1st day, readers received complimentary 3D glasses to view a spectacular image showcasing the view from the balcony. Our aim was to build a unique dream through a memorable visual experience.


After the kick-off, we developed some ads and billboards to promote the apartments and their common recreation area with some facilities such as pools, tennis court and gourmet kitchen as few examples.



When the customer shots the QR-Code, he accesses an exclusive video about the building and its features. At the end, if he completes a small questionnaire, he can win the gift of cinema tickets or even a dinner in a nice local restaurant.

The main objective of this ad is to collect some information about the potential customers and create a mailing list with their contacts.


We created a blog – VivaCocoVivo – and some eco bags to promote the “Cocó lifestyle”. This blog is a guide, where you can be advised for the best places to enjoy the neighborhood Cocó such as restaurants, bars, shoppings, gigs and natural activities for all family.




  • App: for a real estate agency, we developed an app with some showcase videos, photos in 360º and information about the construction. The potential customer can download the app on its phone/tablet to show the features to its family, friends and start to realize how amazing it will be to live in Granvista.


  • Elevate Sales Booth: we create a different kind of sales booth. When the customer visits the sales booth where Granvista will be build he can start to realize its panoramic view. But how? We recover a container and, with a special truck, we will elevate this sales booth 5 meters high from the ground floor. It’s a great opportunity for the potential customer to start dreaming with its future amazing view.


  • Follow your view: for this kind of construction, we need around 2 years to be built, 100% ready to move in. In the meantime, the customer that bought an apartment in Granvista receives a login and password to access a special website where it will be allowed to follow the construction and the best: see its real balcony view. We set cameras on each floor, so that the customer who bought an apartment can watch the progress of the construction as well as see the future balcony and its view.