To celebrate the first year of Vibri – a graphic design studio, based in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil –, they invited me to make a very nice project.

They made a list with the top 10 songs played on Vibri, last year. With this list, they asked me to write “Good Vibrations” with many different styles of calligraphy or lettering (only with 1 o 2 colours, maximum) for each song, based in my feelings about that songs.

With this letterings they will make some posters, mugs, sketchbooks and other kinds of material to promote the studio and share with partners, clients and people who like their work. But, unfortunately, for external problems they can’t do this material.

It was a very nice experience and a big challenge.


Sorri, Sou Rei – Natiruts
Lose Yourself To Dance – Daft Punk
Intro – The XX
Constelação Carinhoca – Mundo Livre S.A.
Subirusdoistiozin – Criolo
Nightcall – Kavinsky
Preparando o Salto – Siba
Aquatic Ambience – David Wise
O Passo do Colapso – Dado Villa Lobos
Maria Augusta – Apanhador Só